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Tuesday, May 01 2012

This is the report from the visit to our friends, Peter and Shazia at Glory Evangelical Church in Lahore, Pakistan. It written in the same way in which it was received with minimal editing (parenthesis are mine).  Please pray for Pakistani believers who struggle daily. If the LORD directs you to join with us in helping financially, it would be deeply appreciated

6th March
Arrival at  2 am

6th March Evening:
Small meeting with Glory Evangelical leaders and members. CJ shared gospel, many people blessed in this meeting.

7th March
In morning after breakfast we visited different families. It’s great fun to visit different houses. It was good to show CJ the different life style of these families.

7th March evening:
In evening first house meeting in Liaqatabad, There CJ minister first time. Many people blessed in this meeting. After this meeting we visit one more family, and have dinner with them.

8th March :
We visited the building we want to buy for Church and school, because we have no place for church and have vision for school. There we visit every part of house and told CJ about all constructions work and the vision we have for increased ministry here.
8th March Evening :
In evening we arrange two days healing and evangelistic meetings on our roof. When we are going to start meeting the electricity break off, and cold winds blowing. We all pray together. After thirty minutes light comes and first meeting start thirty minutes late In this meeting our worship team doing good job, everybody dancing in spirit , rejoice and praise God. In healing session many people healed; especially one lady who had tummy pain, A man had heart problem They healed, and many more miracles happened in this meeting. Everybody is happy and blessed that day.

9th March:
This is the 2nd day of healing and evangelistic meeting. That day we cover all roof with tents, because first day cold winds blowing but nobody cares this cold. We have great time that day. Worship team doing their best everyone anointed even small kids anointed in this meeting. Holy Spirit move there and all people feel His presence. In healing session when CJ prayer one lady healed she had leg pain, and Lord worked there many people got their faith stronger. Many people gave their testimony how bless they are in this meeting.

10th March:
In Morning we have youth seminar, There are two sessions in this seminar. Many people come and attended seminar. After seminar we have lunch (for all the people).

10th March:
In evening first day of two days healing and evangelistic meetings in Green Town, at 6 O`clock when we are ready to go there we let know that all Green Town`s electricity break off. This news make us upset but not disappoint. We urgently arrange Gernater (generator). It took long time and many people go back to their homes, First meeting started at 8 O`clock two hours late but everybody blessed many people healed. God showed His Glory and a lady set free from evil spirit, she gave her testimony that she is suffering from many years but God set her free now. Another man who has cancer when next day he is going for tests his all tests are clear and many other repent of 11 O`clock we came back at home.
11th March:
In morning we have Sunday service other friends from USA also with us on skype. We rejoice and praise Lord. CJ share gospel in this meeting. We are so blessed .in afternoon CJ wants to rest for a while, but when he wake up he is not feeling well and said that he is not able to preach but did not want to disappoint the people of Green Town. He take his medicine and before meeting we attended a birthday party , CJ dance and enjoy this change make him fresh so after this when we reach Green Town meeting great miracle happened CJ preach and pray for sick people and he feel good. That day many people healed and gave their life to Jesus.

12th March:
This is very special day for us because that day we were going to visit our village Shamsa. At 10 O`clock we start our journey and after three hours we were there. All villagers were very happy to have CJ in their village, My family welcome CJ with a tridtional turben and flowers. CJ share the gospel with them and many Muslim people were also there. After meeting CJ pray for sick people and visited many families. We have lunch and at 8 O`clock we were at home. We all very tired, its long and busy day.

13th March:
It’s just rest day because last days were very busy and we decieded that day we spend some time with each other. In evening we visited two families and have evening tea and in visit of second family have dinner with them.
14th March:
That day we plan to visit all Lahore city. After breakfast we buy some (traditional) clothes for CJ. At 11 O`clock we start our visit .CJ wants to see a cannon which he saw in his Lahore book (from the Rudyard Kipling book, “Kim”). We visited many historical places like Choburje, Minare-Pakistan, Badshahi Mosque and many more. CJ wants to gave us treat ,we have lunch in McDonalds. Its very good. CJ like Pakistani McDonalds and told us its taste is same as in USA. After lunch we go to visit Wahga Border. It was very memerable for us because we also visit there first time. In this ceremony we see parade ,national songs makes people so emotional many young boys dance on these national songs. Pakistani and Indian soldiers show their power to each other. We enjoyed to see their attitude. At 6 O`clock  this ceremony complete and we came back after that we have ice cream and go for shopping there we buy some gifts for CJ`s family.

15th March:
Last day of CJ`s visit in Pakistan. In afternoon we have special lunch. Then we have a party with all our ministry people in evening some people present some gifts to CJ. Great time we spend with CJ.

There are some beautiful memories of CJ`s visit in Pakistan. He won our hearts, I am greatly thankful to God and brother CJ who accept our invitation and spend time with us, We blessed and happy .He is truly our PUNJABI PRINCE. We can`t wait for his next trip. God bless him more and more each and every day.   Amen
With regards
Pastor Peter Julious
Glory Evangelical Ministries & Church

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